Books are what we do, but we’re not picky about format – we’ve done them all: hardcovers, paperback, ebook, audiobook…

We tend to like humour and many of our books feature humorous content (not to mention titles), but we’ve had our share of serious work as well. The thing is, we want to tell you a good, if weird, story.

Our book pages will give you the following info on each book, along with where to get them:

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Where to Buy Amazon - BN - BAM - Chapters (CND) - AmazonUK - AmazonCND - Powell's - Smashwords (multiformat) - Kindle - Kindle UK - Nook - Kobo - iBook - Sony - CGP (ePub) - Diesel   Your favourite store doesn't have our book? Ask 'em why! (Also, if you write down the ISBN, chances are they can get it for you - being a small press, we like to encourage you to support the indie bookstores!)