Blood & Tacos

cover art by Roxanne Patruznick
cover art by Roxanne Patruznick

There was a time when paperback racks were full of men’s adventure series. Next to the Louis L’Amours, one could find the adventures of The Executioner, the Destroyer, the Death Merchant, and many more action heroes that were hell-bent on bringing America back from the brink. That time was the 1970s & ’80s. A bygone era filled with wide-eyed innocence and mustaches.

Those stories are back! The new quarterly magazine Blood & Tacos is bringing back the action, the fun, and the adventure. Also, the mustaches.

Actually, the little blurby text you just read is no longer entirely accurate – Blood & Tacos is entering a stage of transition, and will emerge as a beautiful, deadly mustached butterfly. The shiny cover you see here is actually the first annual collection of ALL the first year’s stories, bound with a snazzy cover and available on the B&T site.  (The first 100 copies will be signed and numbered, and available exclusively from us. After those are gone, we’ll see about letting the other guys sell some copies.)

From there, Blood & Tacos will become CGP’s second imprint, and will be bringing you (by popular demand I might add) longer, stand-alone adventures from some of your favourite B&T characters.  The website will still be bringing you free short fiction, but no longer in an issue-type format. We’re breaking out of the bonds of the rigid historical hierarchy, dammit! For more info on Blood & Tacos, like where to buy it for your kindle thingamagummer, buy a t-shirt, download the podcast, or just plain old read it online for free, you should really check out the website Blood & Tacos.