Since 2002, Creative Guy Publishing has produced the titles you wanted but couldn’t get from the mainstream. Our titles don’t fit nicely in slots in catalogues under specific genres.  They don’t fall into the target length designed to hit the sweet spot developed by marketing research (at least, not on purpose).  Some of them have been brought out by other publishers, and didn’t meet their “target” and so were left by the wayside. Happily, some were brought out in print by some of our partner small presses who didn’t have the means for ebook distribution, so we get to share these treasures.  In any event, the titles you find here, you’re not very likely to find elsewhere.

CGP, and its imprints Liaison Press and Blood & Tacos, are pleased to bring you alternative titles in alternative formats. We hope you’ll support our authors and ask for our titles at your local bookseller.