Submissions Q&A

Question: Will you look at my manuscript?

Answer: Sorry, but Creative Guy Publishing and Liaison Press are NOT OPEN to general submissions.

Our publishing schedule is full, and we now concentrate primarily on in-house projects, working with authors who have an established relationship with us. We do not accept, nor will we respond to, unsolicited submissions.

Again, we are NOT OPEN to unsolicited submissions.

Question: How do I get my submission to be solicited/establish a relationship with you, then?

Answer: You could buy us dinner, but that gets awkward. Your best bet is to look at the projects we DO have open. Have a look at the Blood & Tacos website, the Moreauvia website, and keep an eye out for open anthologies we may announce here (we still have the best intentions for an AHOP vol. 4).

Question: What about cover artists? Surely you need some cover work done?

Answer: Generally we seek out specific artwork for cover design and (rarely) interior illustration Рmeaning, we have artists we work with already. But upon occasion we do need something which, stylistically, may not be achievable by our usual suspects. The best thing you can do is submit your website info on the contact form (link to the left), so that we can add your site to our files. Rest assured that though we may not respond to your portfolio presentation until we need something, we keep a bookmark of every artist web portfolio sent to us.