Installing Linux on a Dead Badger (and Other Oddities)

Attention geeks, script kiddies and budding necromancers! Lucy A Snyder‘s essays, articles and instruction manuals on installing various operating systems on various…um…corpses…is here! Find out all about how to hire zombies for your office, how to train the living to perform as productively as the zombies, and other moderately illegal and immoral acts. Not so good for your soul, perhaps, but excellent for the bottom line.

In these pages you’ll find:

  • Installing Linux on a Dead Badger
  • Your Corporate Network And The Forces Of Darkness
  • Dead Men Don’t Need Coffee Breaks
  • Business Insourcing Offers Life After Death
  • Corporate Vampires Sink Teeth Into Business World
  • Trolls Gone Wild
  • The Great VüDü Linux Teen Zombie Massacree
  • Wake Up Naked Monkey You’re Going To Die

And much, much more!