Midnight on Mourn Street (play)

Please note! We offer both the novel (in e-formats only), and the play adaptation (print or ebook). To buy the novel in print, please visit Earthling Publications.

Reed Waters keeps his small Washington, D.C. apartment tidy. In the morning he goes to his simple job and at night he heads straight home. Virtually his only real human contact comes through his friendship with a local boy, Will. Reed Waters is a quiet man. He has to be, because he is a man with secrets. One rain-drenched night a stranger steps into his life-Mauri Dyson, a teenage runaway who is as explosive and unpredictable as Reed is cautious and discreet. And yet she holds secrets, too. Secrets that will change both their lives forever.

Adapted by the author from his acclaimed novel, Christopher Conlon’s Midnight on Mourn Street is a searing theatrical experience.