The Last Generation to Die

Welcome to the future. The future is perfect — we have beaten death, and are doing a pretty good job on aging. So what’s fashionable, now that there’s no more death and decay? Why, sporting an aging look of course, better known as Granny Chic. Dancing (or thrashing) the night away in The Gerotica, THE club to be seen in. And finally, suing the government for your right to die.

Join us in Carlos Hernandez’ very disturbing, all too prophetic vision of the future. It’s not so far away as you might think. Slough off that tanned svelte physique, and take a walk on the wild side, armed with prosthetic spare tires and stuffed bras (to simulate sagging, you know). And walk alongside the one woman who sees through all the claptrap and nonsense, along with every one else in the world, ask her the question, “